The 8 Days of World Oceans

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Organized by Blue Scholars Initiative

In collaboration with ocean warriors around the world, Blue Scholars Initiative will highlight the valuable work they and their organizations are doing and promote the urgent call to action addressing the major environmental issues and solutions most relevant to their ocean region of the world. Together with the presenting organizations, we will broadcast our daily messaging through social media posts, e-Newsletters, web blogs, print media, etc. in an effort to advocate for the oceans and activate a global audience to take action.

The 8 Days of World Oceans

North Atlantic Ocean – June 1

Organization:  Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean

Presenters: Rachael Miller, Co-Founder & Ashley Sullivan, Executive Director

South Atlantic Ocean – June 2

Organization:  Global Penguin Society

Presenter: Pablo Garcia Borboroglu, Founder/President

Southern Ocean – June 3

Organizations:  Agenda Antartica & Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition

Presenter: Dr. Rodolfo Werner, Senior Advisor (Science and Policy)

Indian Ocean – June 4

Organization:  Oceanswell

Presenter: Dr. Asha de Vos, Founder/Executive Director

South Pacific Ocean – June 5

Organization:  Centro Ballena Azul (Blue Whale Center)

Presenter: Rodrigo Hucke-Gaete, Founder/Director 

North Pacific Ocean – June 6

Organization:  Mobula Conservation Project, Manta Trust

Presenter: Melissa Cronin, Project Leader

 Arctic Ocean – June 7

Organization:  Ocean Conservancy

Presenter: Henry Huntington, Arctic Science Director

World Ocean Day – June 8

Organization:  Blue Scholars Initiative

Presenters: Adam Steckley, Co-Founder/Operations Director & Meredith Bass, Program Director

June 8th will consist of messaging from Blue Scholars Initiative and a montage of the 7 video presentations. In addition, Blue Scholars and ARTSail will host a World Ocean Celebration on June 12th to engage South Florida youth and community members with an ocean experience that includes on the water recreation, education, art activation, preservation and so much more. All participating organizations are encouraged to host their own “celebration” as well.

An online “Pledge the Ocean” form will be utilized over the course of the campaign and celebration with one act submitted by each presenter. Be sure to follow, like, share and comment on our social media during the campaign and always!

Photo credit: Adam Steckley
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