The Marine Diaries Monthly Poster – Prairies of the Sea

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This month’s poster is about the ‘Prairies of the Sea’… Seagrass Beds!
Our latest infographic has loads of information about seagrass beds and answers questions like:
Where is seagrass found?
What are the current threats they are facing?
How does this ecosystem benefit the ocean & the planet?
And loads more!
Key to seagrass conservation is raising awareness of its importance.
YOU  can help by downloading this poster to find out more about seagrasses and sharing your new found knowledge with your friends, family, and colleague. For more ways to help seagrass – check out the poster!
This poster is designed to be used together with our short film , as an educational tool to teach, learn, and inspire! The seagrass video can be found on our YouTube channel.
Print at home on A4 or in schools and workplaces on A3 paper. Use it as your desktop screen or share it on social media to raise awareness for seagrass meadows – it’s absolutely FREE!
Download here:

A huge thank you to the amazingly talented:
 Illustrator: Jennifer Thomson
Graphic Designer: Janina Rossiter
Researcher: Lewis Hawkins
Image Credit:
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