The Truth Behind the Fast Fashion Industry: Textile Dye with Natural Pigments Workshop

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Starts   2021-06-05, 07:00 PM (CDT)
Ends     2021-07-01, 08:00 PM (CDT)

Organized by World Ocean Day Youth Advisory Council

In this Youth-A-Thon Session, you will learn how the fast fashion industry is connected to the ocean through environmental and social impacts, about sustainable/ ethical fashion, and actioning solutions to accomplish a positive change. There will be a fun workshop, where you will use nature as your own unique color palette, providing a variety of rich pigments that contain radiant and vibrant tones which will be used to naturally dye your fabric in a creative way! It is an introduction to the world of textile dyeing with natural and sustainable processes and fibres. You will free your imagination by exploring the artist inside you, creating beautiful patterns with the tie-dye techniques you will learn!

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