Towards World Ocean Day: 2021

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This audiovisual presentation includes video coverage of Bowen and the area in Queensland, Australia. This town is located about 434 kilometres from the Great Barrier Reef, off the Whitsunday Islands coast (My Queensland, n.d.). Human conditions and global warming have negatively impacted approximately half of the coral reefs on our planet (The World Counts, 2021). The Reef is one of this planet’s seven wonders and the most substantive system in the world (Tourism Whitsundays, n.d). 7/10 of our planet comprises oceans, and they produce about half of our oxygen (United Nations n.d.).

The Town of Bowen’s and its partners’ arts initiative intertwines past traditional narratives with the present and future hopes to develop contextual understanding about the Whitsunday Islands. The Town hosts displays. These displays illustrate how the arts are applied to raise environmental awareness of the need to restore the Whitsunday Islands and beyond.

Photo credit: America’s Cup Australia
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