Welcome Whales Celebration

New Harbour, Hermanus

Southern Right Charters, Hermanus, South Africa

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Celebrating the Whales of Hermanus & World Ocean Day!

This event is hosted by a collaboration of whale-fanatics, scientists, and locals that have teamed up to showcase the areas diverse marine life, honour the whales and celebrate the Ocean.

The three-day event will be held in the New Harbour from 6 – 8 June and each day will be dedicated to one of the three whale species that visit Walker Bay annually – the Southern Right, the Brydes and the Humpback whale.

Coinciding with World Ocean Day 2021, the worldwide movement for a sustainable society and a healthy blue planet. This year’s theme of ‘One Ocean, One Climate, One Future – Together’ will be at the core of the celebration.

An array of activities and festivities featuring interactive talks & displays, ‘adopt’ a whale, photographic marine walks, whale watching, abalone tours and tasting, kayaking, seafood and crafts will take place daily.

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Southern Right Charters, Hermanus, South Africa

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