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Happy Orca Month!!  It’s the best month ever – a whole month to learn, take action and celebrate endangered Southern Resident orcas!! We are so excited to have some fun events lined up so make sure to check out each to learn more:

 – Every Friday we are going live at 12 PST on FB to answer your orca questions! We even have some fun giveaways so stay tuned…

 – 6/6 Join us for the Orca Month Kick-Off event! You can learn about orcas from all around the world from the comforts of your very own home!

 – 6/7 at 6pm PST is Overcoming Coextinction: the fight to save our Southern Resident orcas where we’ll talk about the endangered species and might even feature a snippet of the new documentary coming out!

 – 6/8 we are going live on our Instagram for World Oceans Day. From East Coast to West Coast, join us and have a clean-up!

 – 6/10 & 6/17 at 7pm PST is our Orca Month Book Club! Come chat orca and reading with us!

 – 6/15 at 6pm PST we are so excited to be back chatting with Eba, the poop-sniffing dog of Conservation Canines. We will be live Catching Up with Conservation Canines!

 – 6/22 at 4pm PST get ready because we are going on a Virtual Whale Watch!

Learn more here – https://bit.ly/3d9jAUZ
Image Credit: https://us.whales.org/whales-dolphins/how-we-help/southern-resident-orcas/orca-action-month/?fbclid=IwAR02NN308rhlPhwP-4u8HFdkt9bzqvqRMUTyEmUarQA9AuoJDnD0C_5V_ag
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