What we can do for marine conservation! Reports from 3 Oceans (ピースボート勉強会:私にもできる海洋保護!~3つの海からの報告)

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Our daily lives continue to put a huge strain on the oceans, with rising sea temperatures and levels, coral bleaching and plastic litter. In this special online event hosted by Peace Boat we will hear from three youth leaders working in different countries to tackle these issues: Nathalia Lawen, who is working on marine litter and coastal erosion in the Seychelles; Tashiro Shuhei, connecting a wide range of people in Japan to protect the oceans; and Khadija Stewart, in Trinidad & Tobago promoting a way of life that does not harm the ecosystem. All are connected by Peace Boat’s Ocean and Climate Youth Ambassadors Programme. The main language of the event will be Japanese but please contact us if you are an English speaker who would like to join.

2021年6月16日 (水) 20:00-21:30 JST

More info and Registration : https://peaceboat.org/37362.html

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