Women in Ocean Science Podcast Launch

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This World Ocean Day we’re proud to announce Season One of our new podcast series, the official Women in Ocean Science Podcast!

Due to worldwide internet servers being down at the moment we have had to move our release of the first episode to: Monday, 14 June

Hosted by marine biologists Madeline St Clair (@mads_ocean) & Charlie Young (@ocean_magpie), the brand new Women in Ocean Science Podcast is here to put a new spin on scientific publications and to smash down gender stereotypes in marine science

Each week, the podcast deconstructs a new paper or piece of research in marine science with guest appearances from the paper’s female lead or co-authors

We’ll be sitting down with chemical oceanographers, fisheries biologists, tropical marine biologists and MORE, to delve into research stories and to meet the women behind the science.

Tune in every Monday on Spotify / Apple / our website for a podcast that celebrates the pioneering female researchers of today – and sheds a positive light on protecting the ocean

Image Credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/CP23cMuB-h4/
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