World Ocean Day 2021 around the world – Closing the week with a lovely concert in Louvain, Belgium

Avenue de Tervueren 3, 1040 Etterbeek, Brussels, Belgium

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How to better complete the range of World Ocean celebrations than with a musical journey around the globe, but this time not only in virtual space, but on the pleasant lake side of Kessel-lo, Louvain, Belgium.

Saturday, 12 June 2021, early evening, families and people of all ages gathered leisurely around the pavillon to listen to enjoy the play of Kristina Kebet, piano, and Sara Fontán Ferreira, cello.

Carefully prepared by Maria del Carmen Patricia Morales, Mundus maris Vice President, the mild breeze and the chattering birds formed the enchanting background to the concert.

During the short pause, Cornelia E Nauen of Mundus maris reminded the audience of the organisation’s decade-long work for ocean literacy, ocean protection and using its resources in more intelligent and sustainable ways. She recalled a study suggesting that five million tons of fish more than at present could be harvested sustainably from European waters, if only less juveniles were caught and more adult fish left in the water to reproduce. She invited the audience to help moving our societies to a more respectful relationship with the ocean.

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Avenue de Tervueren 3, 1040 Etterbeek, Brussels, Belgium

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