World Ocean Day celebrations in Kribi, Cameroon

Kribi, Cameroon

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The Grand Batanga public school had the privilege of receiving the delegation of Ocean Volunteers of Cameroon (Bénévoles océan) led by Jeauberte Djamou, who came to Kribi for the celebration of World Ocean Day on June 08, 2021. The stage was set before 10am. The current health instructions required the various participants to strictly observe the safety measures, in particular wearing protective face masks offered by the Volunteers to all participants.

The mayor of Kribi participated in person and was greeted by a song. The director of the Grand Batanga school welcomed the school inspector, the mayor and all guests of honour.

Pupils perform the fishermen’s dance

She payed particular tribute to the Ocean Volunteers and their partners.

As part of the programme and in addition to speeches by the guests of honour some pupils performed the fishermen’s dance.

Educational games were played to promote ocean protection.

The centre piece of the day was, of course, the hand-over of the honorary diplomas for participation and the prizes for the winners.

The top honour at the Grand Batanga school went to Liza Britanie, 8 years, whom the international jury of the Mundus maris Awards had selected for a Turtle Prize.

She proudly posed with her diploma.

In her closing remarks the school inspector reminded the audience how Jeauberte Djamou had made her do the annual Mundus maris ocean quiz two years ago.

After doing her work for many years in Kribi, feeling the closeness of the sea and the connection, the constant reminders and pleas had at last alerted her more clearly to the importance of ocean protection and World Ocean Day celebrations. She went on to say:

“It does indeed have its place, as long as we see our environment being destroyed, our children must be sensitized. I also appreciate the Mundus maris Prize contest which is launched every year and which gives our children a voice.

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Kribi, Cameroon

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