World Ocean Day Thoughtstorm®- Online

Online Event

Organized by Avatar® Oceania

We will be using the Thoughtstorm® Manual to explore the topic: World Oceans Day


How did Thoughtstorm come about?

Thoughtstorm is a technique developed from a seed of speculation:
Are there more effective (rational, cooperative, compassionate) ways of thinking? Methods whose long-term consequences will not lead to oblivion. This is the Genesis of Thoughtstorm.


Would you like to discover another way of looking at things? Would you like to be inspired and develop your consciousness? Would you like to have fun?
Then we’d love to see you there! New insights guaranteed!

If it’s your first time to Thoughtstorm, please RSVP early to give plenty of time to arrange a brief Zoom call with the host to go over the Thoughtstorm procedures and any Zoom tips so we can all get started on time together.

This event is online. You may need to install Zoom:

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