World Ocean Day Trivia Challenge

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Celebrate World Ocean Day with us by testing your knowledge and learning more about the wonders of our One World Ocean!
Family teams must register in advance of the event to play this fun, educational Trivia game via Zoom and Kahoot. To play, you will need to KEEP TWO BROWSER WINDOWS OPEN FOR THE DURATION OF THE GAME: one to log into Zoom and to see the questions, and one to log into Kahoot to submit your answers. You can use two different devices if you choose. The game will consist of 4 rounds of ocean-themed questions with difficulty considered appropriate for children grades K-6.
The four rounds, covering the diversity of the world’s ocean, will focus on:
Round 1 = Rocky Shore
Round 2 = Deep Sea
Round 3 = Tropical Reefs
Round 4 = Arctic Ocean
On game night (login begins at 5:50pm), please follow these steps and rules:
Follow the ZOOM link we provided via email (to be sent 3pm the day of the event) to enter the Trivia Challenge!
KEEP YOURSELF MUTED! You can also keep your video off if you would like.
On a SEPARATE web browser than the ZOOM application, go to
Enter the game pin on Kahoot, provided by Trivia Host.
Enter your Team Name and player names, click submit to begin competing!
DO NOT leave the ZOOM application or web browser once you are in Kahoot or you will lose your spot in the game!
If you get “disconnected” refresh app/browser, DO NOT leave/exit out.
Questions, answers, and scores will be displayed via Kahoot by Trivia Host on ZOOM.
Select the matching shape and color for your answer.
NO CHEATING! We’re operating on the honor system here, don’t use google to look up any answers!
If you have any questions or issues, you can send a message directly to the Trivia Hosts.
Prizes awarded to top finishers, courtesy of Kittery Trading Post, Cinnamon Rainbows Surf Co., and SSC!
Have fun, and learn something new!
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