World Ocean Day with the World Meteorological Organization

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Starts   2021-06-07, 12:00 AM (NZDT)
Ends     2021-06-30, 12:00 AM (NZDT)

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The World Meteorological Organization celebrates the ocean theme for the second time this year as the Ocean, Our Climate and Weather was also the theme of World Meteorological Day on 23 March, which included a dedicated ‘ocean’ issue of the WMO Bulletin as a formally endorsed WMO contribution to the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021 to 2030).

WMO World Oceans Day activities also feature the new WMO video, narrated by UN Ocean Envoy, Ambassador Peter Thomson, highlighting the vital role of the ocean in our interconnected world, the increasing impact of climate change, and the need for better ocean services, science and observations to protect lives at sea and in coastal areas. This will be shown within the UN’s Virtual World Ocean Day Ceremony.

WMO has also launched a new Ocean page: an easy access point from which to learn of the various ocean activities that WMO is working across, to support Members.

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