World Oceans Day 2021 – Who Are The Heroes Of Recycling? – Prevented Ocean Plastic

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Prevented Ocean Plastic is recycled plastic collected from coastal areas that are at risk of ocean pollution. Each bottle is collected, sorted, cleaned and processed into rPET flake, before being transformed into packaging for products on your shelves. Prevented Ocean Plastic’s traceability programme allows us to track the plastic through the supply chain. #WorldOceansDay UN World Oceans Day 2021…

By keeping plastic out of the oceans, we are providing jobs for coastal communities, protecting wildlife and preventing ocean pollution. #TRANSPARENSEA…

Use your voice to change company behaviour. Help us prevent ocean plastic by messaging your favourite brands and supermarkets that you prefer recycled plastic made from Prevented Ocean Plastic, instead of new (virgin) plastic:…

 Keep watching and find out how you can contribute to the solution to plastic pollution:…  Subscribe to our YouTube channel:…  Do you have questions on plastic recycling still unanswered? Please drop any questions in the comments below. Our research team is happy to help! Stay Updated!

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