World Ocean Day Tribal Celebration

Trinidad Bay

1 Bay St

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On Sunday June 6, 2021, the Trinidad Rancheria will host an event at the Trinidad Harbor to commemorate World Ocean Day.  In keeping with the call for organizations and governments to mobilize large and small events to bring global awareness to sustainable ocean usage, the Trinidad Rancheria will host an informational event at the Trinidad Harbor.  With the COVID-19 pandemic severely limiting group events, the Tribe pared down the plans for a harbor-wide celebration, opting instead for World Ocean Day information as well as supplying metal water bottles in an effort to reduce single-use plastic bottles.  Appropriate precautions will be taken, including masks and social distancing, while engaging visitors to the beach and harbor.  Also included will information on the Tribe’s marine stewardship and coastal resiliency endeavors to protect the natural diversity and abundance of marine life and the function and integrity of the marine ecosystem

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1 Bay St

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