In celebration of World Oceans Day @worldoceanday the Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation @breef242 held a beach clean up and snorkel event at Saunder’s Beach. JESS Consultants CEO was excited to support this event along with other volunteers to remove debris from the shore and sea. Look out for other events hosted by BREEF during World Ocean Month and take part in their efforts. Also check out their online auction to support financially.

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#RestoreCoral will convene a series of youtube videos called “MAR Day (Mesoamerican Reef Day): Resilience & Development” on March 10, 2021 on & restore coral’s youtube channel starting at 9am (GMT-6), as a celebration of the Mesoamerican Reef with the goals of: *Highlighting the Ocean Life of the area and the current resilience efforts *Highlighting the Mayan Coastal Communities that have being affected by the degradation of the ecosystem, the COVID Economical Crisis and the Coastal Development *Showcasing Innovations for sustainable development *To contribute to the Resilience Strategy of the Region

A Series of videos featuring:

• Cozumel from 1968 to present by Thomas J. F. Goreau, PhD, Global Coral Reef Alliance

• Macrolife in Cozumel by Photographer Robert Stansfield

• Blue Finance by Santiago J. Bucaram, IDB

• New Paradigm of Tourism by Natalia Bayona , UN WTO

• Sailing for Sustainability by Emilie McGlone, Peace Boat

• Coastal Protection by Reefy

• Restoration Tourism by Dr. German Mendez, Cozumel Coral Reef Restoration Program

• Satellite Monitoring & AI for Water Quality & Reef Monitoring by Dr. Jose Luis Hernandez, PhD, Aquosmic

• Bioprospection by Dr. Anton Vila, PhD, INVICTUS Project

• Ending plastic by PetGas Oceans

• Climate Justice by David Tun, Mayan Cooperative “Coral Negro”

• Social Innovation by Roberto Cerda, #RestoreCoral

• PescaData by Ocean, Stuart Fulton

• Bahamas & the Colombian Caribbean


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To celebrate the upcoming World Oceans Week, the BNT is teaming up with Corona Beer and Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits to clean up our mangroves!

We are inviting BNT Members to take part in preserving our environment by eliminating litter and plastic from our fragile mangrove ecosystems.

Photo credit: Bahamas National Trust