The World Ocean Day 2021 virtual celebration is a binational event for both the Surinamese and Guyanese public, located in Suriname and Guyana and internationally. This conference will be held on 8 June 2021 with participants from both Guyana and Suriname. The primary focus of the event will be land-based sources of pollution and their adverse effects on ocean and human health. Thus, issues such as plastic pollution, freshwater pollution, and pollution from hydrocarbon exploitation and transportation at sea will be covered.

Dr. Tiara Moore, the keynote speaker opening the conference, will speak in her presentation about her work and how it connects to our region, as we are all linked to the ONE ocean on our planet. Experts from Guyana and Suriname will discuss land-based sources of pollution and their adverse effects on the environment and human health and livelihoods via live presentations and interactions with the audience. Virtual booths are manned by partner organizations from both Suriname and Guyane to inform the public about their work and its relationship with the theme of the World Ocean Day 2021 Conference.

This will be a binational event that targets both the Guyanese and Surinamese public. It will be filled with live presentations and virtual booths managed by experts. Join us as we celebrate World Ocean Day 2021.