On World Ocean Day (8th June 2021), countries from all four corners of the world – from India to Guyana, South Korea to Austria have pledged to support the ‘30 by 30’ commitment which is being championed by the UK-led Global Ocean Alliance and the High Ambition Coalition for Nature and People, co-chaired by the UK, Costa Rica and France.

This next milestone follows a successful meeting of the G7 Climate and Environment ministers, during which all members agreed to champion the global ‘30×30’ target to conserve or protect at least 30 percent of the world’s land and at least 30 percent of the world’s ocean by 2030, as well as committing to ‘30 x 30’ domestically.

Members of the Global Ocean Alliance and/or the High Ambition Coalition for Nature and People

#RestoreCoral will convene a series of youtube videos called “MAR Day (Mesoamerican Reef Day): Resilience & Development” on March 10, 2021 on www.mar-day.org & restore coral’s youtube channel starting at 9am (GMT-6), as a celebration of the Mesoamerican Reef with the goals of: *Highlighting the Ocean Life of the area and the current resilience efforts *Highlighting the Mayan Coastal Communities that have being affected by the degradation of the ecosystem, the COVID Economical Crisis and the Coastal Development *Showcasing Innovations for sustainable development *To contribute to the Resilience Strategy of the Region

A Series of videos featuring:

• Cozumel from 1968 to present by Thomas J. F. Goreau, PhD, Global Coral Reef Alliance

• Macrolife in Cozumel by Photographer Robert Stansfield

• Blue Finance by Santiago J. Bucaram, IDB

• New Paradigm of Tourism by Natalia Bayona , UN WTO

• Sailing for Sustainability by Emilie McGlone, Peace Boat

• Coastal Protection by Reefy

• Restoration Tourism by Dr. German Mendez, Cozumel Coral Reef Restoration Program

• Satellite Monitoring & AI for Water Quality & Reef Monitoring by Dr. Jose Luis Hernandez, PhD, Aquosmic

• Bioprospection by Dr. Anton Vila, PhD, INVICTUS Project

• Ending plastic by PetGas Oceans

• Climate Justice by David Tun, Mayan Cooperative “Coral Negro”

• Social Innovation by Roberto Cerda, #RestoreCoral

• PescaData by Ocean, Stuart Fulton

• Bahamas & the Colombian Caribbean


Image Credit: https://unworldoceansday.org/events/mesoamerican-reef-day-2021/