The aim of the webinar is to cross-share experiences between the Namibia Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, as well as key national, regional and international partners and stakeholders in the small-scale fisheries (SSF) sector on developments, plans and programmes to support of the development of the SSF Sector. This webinar is designed to provide evidence required to support the development and realisation of a National Plan of Action for Small-Scale Fisheries in Namibia (NPOA-SSF).

The role of the NPOA-SSF is to ultimately advance policy dialogue on small-scale fisheries and to enrich policy direction, engagement and implementation processes. The NPOA-SSF is being developed against the backdrop of the FAO Umbrella Programme “enhancing the contribution of small-scale fisheries to food security and sustainable livelihoods” which supports the promotion, application and subsequent implementation of the SSF Guidelines, giving emphasis to empowering vulnerable and marginalised small-scale fisheries actors and their organizations to engage in relevant processes that affect their livelihoods.

Day 2 Webinar Speakers

1. Ms Samantha Matjila, Namibia Nature Foundation
2. Professor Alex Kanyimba, the University of Namibia
3. Dr Margit Wilhem, the University of Namibia
4. Dr Ben van Zyl, the Benguela Current Commission
5. Dr Tapiwa Warikandwa, the University of Namibia
6. Mr Ipeinge Mundjulu, the Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystems

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This roundtable will highlight the often-overlooked connections between the lives and livelihoods of Small-Scale Fishers, their role and risks as environmental human rights defenders, and the needs and opportunities to work with Small-Scale Fishers as crucial partners in the conservation, sustainable use and restoration of marine biodiversity in the face of a changing climate.

The event will share cutting-edge research carried out with Small-Scale Fishers in South Africa, Ghana and Namibia on the challenges to their lives and livelihoods arising from blue economy initiatives, non-inclusive top-down conservation, and other pressures on ocean use. The event will also share insights into the recognition and protection of Small-Scale Fishers as environmental human rights defenders, processes for building alliances between small scale fishers and others working for ocean well-being, and responses to their needs for access to fisheries resources and markets (SDG 14.b) through the lens of customary sustainable use and protection of marine biodiversity.

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I trust you are well. As an activist, alongside being a consultant and as a Benguela Current Convention region Ocean Youth Ambassador, we are looking to honor World Ocean Week with a webinar 9th-10th June as below to confirm. We would appreciate it being circulated to as many people/contacts and social media as possible for the virtual event but will also make recordings/presentations available to any interested parties and some may be available via the website

I will be presenting around 9:30 South Africa time on 10th June on Blue Economy Opportunities -including information, funding, careers, issues, entrepreneurship and other resources.

Other confirmed speakers and topics include as below but also Alexis Grosskopf of Ocean Hub Africa, Captain Londy Ngcobo -Black Mermaids/WoMaritime Experts, Alex Rogers of SANCCOB, others from Wild Oceans, Dyer Island Conservation Trust, Angya Mbeyiya of African Youth Waste Network, IOI S, BCC Youth Ambassadors, Lebo Marishane on Youth and Oceans, Estee Vermelen on MSP; Stacey Alvarez de la Campa and others.

 The Scientific Society Swakopmund is celebrating the arrival of whales to Swakopmund!

On 13 June at 16:00 we will hold whale migration and whale entanglements presentations by the activist Lloyd Edwards and scientists from Namibian Dolphin Project. Food and drinks will be available from the food stalls.
Lloyd Edwards is following the whales on Southern African Humpback Migration Route giving educational talks on the cetaceans. He will cover the evolution, different groups and their migration, the birth and nursing of calves, the role of the males, sub-adults and receptive females and the long journey home. Also covered will be the dangers facing the calf, killer whale predators, ship strikes, entanglements and exhaustion caused by lack of food reserves.

Scientists from the Namibian Dolphin project will give a local perspective on whales and dolphins in Namibian waters.

The entrance is free, donations welcome.

Join the Scientific Society Swakopmund for an educational sailing exploration in celebration of the annual Humpback Whale Migration. We cast off on Saturday, 26th June at 09h00 from the Walvis Bay Waterfront and set sail as part of the Welcoming the Whales to Walvis Bay Festival 2021!

Onboard talk by Dr. Simon Elwin of the Namibian Dolphin Project on the “Southern African Humpback Migration Route”. Sailing through the bay we dock back at the Waterfront at around 13h00.

Members of the Swakopmund Scientific Society N$800 pp
Non-Members N$950 pp

Bookings and prepayment essential.
Check-in at 08h30. Onboard lunch included.
Direct Bookings only:
+264 81 129 5393