Fjord CleanUP – Inner Oslo Fjords voluntary cleaning effort!

About this event

The plan:

17.00 – 17.15: briefing, split into groups (paddlers, walkers, divers), get changed, get gloves & bags.

– Note: Mad Goats will be providing a limited number of kayaks 6 SUPs for the volunteers. Those not diving or paddling can scour the waterside for trash on land. Remember to dress warmly on the day!

– 17.15 – 18.45: clean up, then meet back at start point with trash and take group photo.

– 19.00 – 20.00: Free vegan soup in edible cups from our partners Soup Culture Oslo, and then you have the option to have a sauna session at the Oslo Badstuforening or at FahrenheitOslo at Sukkerbiten.

Hope you are looking forward to cleaning heaps of rubbish out of the fjord with us!

Ps, if you want to learn how to dive and use our diving equipment, then you need to become a Fjord CleanUP member.

Detailed info:

Volunteer CleanUP

When: Every Monday at 17.00

Where: Aker Brygge & Bjørvika

How: Stand up paddling, kayaking, free diving, scuba diving, and walking.

WALK: we provide gloves and bags. Wear appropriate clothes.

KAYAK: we provide a kayak, paddle, life vest and gloves. Wear appropriate clothes.

SUP: we provide a paddleboard, paddle, life vest and gloves. Wear appropriate clothes. There will be a maximum of two people on a SUP per free diver. If you are joining as a SUP-cleaner you will be paired with a free-diver. It is then your responsibility to make sure your free-diver is safe and well, and you will act as the free-divers trash dock. Make sure to stay close and keep an eye on your diver, and make you both visible to any boat traffic.

FREE DIVING: you need to bring your own gear to free dive if you are not a member. Members get access to our gear on a first-serve basis. CLICK HERE to get your membership and other benefits (this will also allow us to acquire more gear to accommodate more free divers). For reserving free diving gear, or other questions about free diving, contact

What happens after cleaning? Free sauna session at either the Oslo Fjord Spa or Oslo Badstuforening and free vegan soup in edible cups from Oslo Soup Culture.

The Oslo Fjord is a gem, and one of Oslo’s greatest assets.

The fjord is a mecca for all kinds of water sports and outdoor activities. Increasingly, the urban harbour area is used for water-based activities, such as swimming, kayaking and diving. But can we trust that its environment is healthy and clean?

The natural environment of the entire Oslo Fjord is under pressure. Overfishing, boat traffic, pollution and marine litter are some of the things that threaten the ecosystems and are killing marine life. In the inner port area of ​​Oslo, the situation is no better.

Complaining never helped anyone though, neither does sitting around and hoping someone else will act. Results start with real action, and this is your chance to contribute to real change!

We know that there are so many committed and passionate people out there who are enthused about helping to make our planet a cleaner and happier place. We want to be able to offer a regular event that you can join every week. We all know that doing good deeds gives us a sense of purpose, that we are contributing to making the world a better place, and a feeling that we are fighting for something bigger than ourselves! It all starts with small steps; by creating positive change in our little corner of the world. This will have a ripple effect, that will send out waves of change around the entire globe.

Now let’s clear the harbour together!

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Climate activists and environmental groups have taken Norway to the European Court of Human RIghts, arguing that the Nordic country’s plans to drill for oil in the Arctic are harming young people’s futures. They are hoping the court finds the oil exploration licences in violation of Norway’s constitution, which guarantees the right to a healthy environment.

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On World Ocean Day (8th June 2021), countries from all four corners of the world – from India to Guyana, South Korea to Austria have pledged to support the ‘30 by 30’ commitment which is being championed by the UK-led Global Ocean Alliance and the High Ambition Coalition for Nature and People, co-chaired by the UK, Costa Rica and France.

This next milestone follows a successful meeting of the G7 Climate and Environment ministers, during which all members agreed to champion the global ‘30×30’ target to conserve or protect at least 30 percent of the world’s land and at least 30 percent of the world’s ocean by 2030, as well as committing to ‘30 x 30’ domestically.

Members of the Global Ocean Alliance and/or the High Ambition Coalition for Nature and People

This initiative has its background in unique partnerships with historical references. 360HUB Global was initiated in 2001 and inspired by the new library of Alexadria, Egypt, as an icon and bridge for a global learning culture . We re-active this with the profound understanding of one ocean and one planet in 2021, and make a digital bridge from the Nordic Countries in an interactive, dynamic learning culture addressing climate change, adaption  and mitigation. Creativity and to rethink our thinking is the essential aspect of building back better after the Covid19.

With the merging partnerships with Great Work Alliance, USA,  working in immersive media and climate change, we celebrate the World Ocean Day of One Ocean – One Planet, by inviting our global network to come together. In partnership`s GWA  distributed network we will present the initial idea of SoulSpark City,  and addressing and inviting for pilots in different ecosystems on the Blue Planet.

Our partnerships are extended to people living in both landlocked countries and countries with long coastal shores We find it important to work with landlocked countries eg like Zimbabwe and include the beautiful river Zambezi and Victoria Falls representing the indigenous wisdom of Zimbabwe.  Our rivers are very important four our ocean and its important role in solving the challenges on the Blue Planet.  The flying rives across the Amazonia is part of this new leverage of thinking. It is due time to stop the systematic pollution, and we address this huge task with hope and action-plan in the Race towards Zero. System thinking made easy is our mantra.

Please, read this as to prepare for this get-together  for 8 June 2021:

Oceans Role in the Race to Zero and to fight Climate Change

We present a distinct conceptual understanding and mind-shift from Planet Earth to Planet Water,  and how this might have an  impact on the way we accelerate the SDGs and the united and global actionplan and roadmapt towards COP26 and UNEP +50 in Stockholm Summer 2022.

This evening we perspectives of planting of mangrove planting trees and perspectives on the ocean as one, presented by Bremley Lyngdoh, Founder & CEO of Worldview Impact Foundation is a Climate Change and Sustainable Development.

We start 8 June at 8pm   the beginning of the first green footsteps stories –  under the sea, on the shores and in the high mountains of Himalaya.

Here is the link to Thor Heyerdahls historical speech in 1972 in Stockholm,, and Bremley will present the story of Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park.

Welcome to listen to the lead story for this 8 June 8pm CET Celebrations. The long journey always start with the first steps – take it by join us on the zoom webinar and join us in the 360HUB Gardens.

Welcome – get in touch if any questions.

~ Inger M. Stenseth  // // 360HUB Global @Molde, Norway//

Photo credit: Inger Mette Stenseth


Help us clear nature of rubbish! ♻️🌎 On Tuesday 8 June it is World Oceans Day, and then we invite everyone to join us for rubbish collection here in Lillehammer.

Everyone who registers that they have picked up rubbish, is in the draw for nice prizes from Fjällräven!  Read more and register here 

Join us to clean up Lillehammer on this year’s Ocean Day!
Fjellshop and Fjällräven encourage everyone to clear nature and especially along the water. We must ensure that nature is just as good for our descendants and must remove rubbish from nature.
June 8 is the UN’s Ocean day all over the world and we hand out Fjällräven garbage nets for you to pick up rubbish and make nature clean for both humans and animals.
Stop by the store and bring a Fjällräven bag that you can pick up rubbish in and have lying around for repeated use.

If you register on our website that you have picked up rubbish, you are in the draw for Kånken Ocean Day bags, Kånken Hip packs and cool Fjällräven enamel cups.

• Pick up rubbish in Mesnaelva and Strandpromenaden.
• Container below Badedammen, in the backyard at Fjellshop and in the car park south of Plantasjen on Strandpromenaden.
• Register on and you will be in the draw for the Ocean Day Kånken bag + several other nice prizes.
• Share a photo of garbage collection on Instagram with the hashtag #fjellshopoceanday

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Aanderaa – Xylem is dedicated providing knowledge of the ocean by innovative sensor solutions for coastal and ocean environments. As a lead up to the World Ocean Day, employees in Bergen and partners all over the world will have individual and group events to measure critical parameters, educate others on ocean challenges, clean up ocean beaches and in-land rivers, and create engagement around the World Ocean Day and the issues they support.