Hello folks! I am a retired medical doctor and a travel/gourmet poet-writer from Izmir (Turkey). As I am on a busy but beautiful process of publishing my 10th book about oceans and maritime issues, I have not forgotten to prepare a special prose poem-like article in Turkish about this year’s WORLD OCEAN DAY and publish it in my daily/weekly column on the prestigious LOJIPORT website. But some of you surely remember what wise folks always emphasize: “BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!” And one more concise and humble saying from me before I end my explanations about the meaningful WORLD OCEAN DAY-2021: “MORE UNCONDITIONAL PROTECTION AND FREEDOM TO OUR BLUE OCEANS AND THEIR BLUE-ADORING DWELLERS! Stay safe, observant, creative and healthy! – Dr. Güntürk Üstün

Celebration of World Ocean Day by Turkish Marine Research Foundation (TUDAV). Experts in their fields will speak about the current state of the ocean and Turkish Seas. More than 20 speakers are expected to present a variety of important subjects including pollution, ocean literacy, climate change and blue growth.

The event will go over the importance of the Ocean Decade for Turkey and the overview for the next 10 years. Besides, both Black and Mediterranean Seas are under the threat due to overfishing, pollution, climate crisis and non indigenous species. TUDAV will organize workshop and other activities to protect both Black and Mediterranean Seas.

Program will be shared on the TUDAV website.