Month in Review: Happy Headlines of February 2023

Every Friday on social media, World Ocean Day posts happy headlines to celebrate work happening around the globe for our one shared ocean!

It’s already February – can you believe it? We’re back with some highlights from the amazing work being done by climate activists around the world. 

Week of February 3

Turning Problem Sea Algae Into a Replacement for Plastic

Excessive outbreaks of seaweed and microalgae are clogging up waters from the Caribbean to the Baltic. Now both are being harvested alongside farmed crops to create ingredients for cosmetics and food products. Learn more here.

Credit: Getty Images


Genius UK Business Uses Christmas Trees to Protect the Region From Flooding

In an effort to combat flooding, a Yorkshire woman realized that thousands of wasted Christmas trees every year could be used as natural flood protection, and started a unique business to do just that. Learn more here. 

Toyota Pushes Zero-Emission Goals by Converting Old Models

To accelerate the global move toward sustainable vehicles, Toyota is suggesting simply replacing the inner workings of vehicles already on the roads with cleaner technology like fuel cells and electric motors. Learn more here.

EPA Blocks Alaska Pebble Mine in Salmon-Rich Bristol Bay Region

The Environmental Protection Agency has blocked development of the Pebble Mine project in a corner of the Bristol Bay watershed, a vast and pristine swath of southwest Alaska that sustains the greatest sockeye salmon runs on the planet. Learn more here.

Week of February 10

Canada Declares Moratorium on Deep-Sea Mining at Global Ocean Conservation Summit

Canada has announced a moratorium on deep-sea mining in both territorial and international waters on the last day of a global ocean conservation summit. Learn more here.

Electricity Day and Night: Solar Power Is Changing Isolated Amazon Communities

The implementation of solar panels and other renewable energies in various communities have greatly improved the lives of people in the Amazon. Learn more here.

Credit: Avener Prado

Australia Blocks Coal Mine to Protect Great Barrier Reef

For the first time in history, Australia has blocked the creation of a coal mine under environmental laws. The government on Thursday rejected a proposal for a new mine about 10km (6.2 miles) from the Great Barrier Reef. Learn more here. 

Some 5,000 Solar Panels Added to Longest Dam in Switzerland

A Swiss energy firm has installed nearly 5,000 solar panels on the country’s longest dam. The panels will generate clean electricity through the winter, when a drop in rain and meltwater diminishes the production of hydropower across the country. Learn more here. 

Credit: AXPO


Week of 17 February

Washing Machines and Fridges Could Become Much More Efficient by 2027

Rules proposed by the U.S. Department of Energy are projected to reduce emissions and save consumers billions of dollars. Learn more here. 

Costa Rica Announces Ban on Fishing of Hammerhead Sharks

Fishing for hammerhead sharks is now illegal in Costa Rica, thanks to the signing of a new executive decree this month by President Rodrigo Chaves Robles. The decree prohibits the capture, transportation, storage or sale of hammerhead sharks or their byproducts, such as fins and teeth. Learn more here.

Credit: Wikimedia

Fighting Climate Change Was Costly. Now It’s Profitable.

It is a good time to be in the decarbonization business in the United States. Learn more here. 

Microplastics No More: Scientists Invented Sustainable Glitter Made From Fruit

Scientists have come up with a sustainable glitter alternative derived from fruit. The new biodegradable glitter is vegan, so everyone can sparkle again guilt-free. Learn more here. 


We hope you find these headlines inspiring and motivational!

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