Month in Review: Happy Headlines of April 2023

Happy May! April was full of exciting climate headlines, from emerging technologies to newly enacted legislation. Earth Day 2023 also encouraged communities to “Invest In Our Planet” and involved various events, rallies, and protests advocating for climate action.

Week of 3 April

In Ohio, electric cars are starting to reshape jobs and companies

The state, heavily dependent on the auto industry, is a case study in whether electric vehicles will create or destroy jobs. Learn more here. 

Oregon Senate passes ban of foam containers for prepared food

Senate Bill 543, banning polystyrene takeout containers, passed 20-9, with bipartisan support. It now goes to the House. Learn more here. 

Chile communities defy the desert by capturing increasingly scarce water

In the middle of an increasingly arid landscape, a small forest less than a third the size of New York’s Central Park is irrigated by water from fog, harvested by the rural community of Peña Blanca. Learn more here. 

Fossil fuel emissions from electricity set to fall

The world will likely use fewer fossil fuels to produce electricity this year in a “turning point” for planet-friendly energy, a new report says. Learn more here. 

Week of 10 April

Lake Tahoe’s best clarity in 40 years is the work of this ‘natural cleanup crew

Lake Tahoe has attained a clarity that scientists haven’t seen in 40 years – and it’s all because of a microscopic animal acting as a “natural cleanup crew” to restore the clear blue waters. Learn more here. 

Sun, wind power make record 12% of world electricity: survey

Solar and wind energy surged to make a record 12 percent of the world’s electricity in 2022. Learn more here. 

Can regenerative wool make fashion more sustainable?

Sheep Inc’s founders say their regenerative farming practice can help make fashion more sustainable. Learn more here. 

A radical seed-breeding project could help southern farmers adapt to climate change

The Utopian Seed Project is growing dozens of types of okra in one North Carolina field, creating genetic collisions that build new, resilient varieties. Learn more here. 

Week of 17 April

House Bill 689 would establish state policy on environmental justice in North Carolina

North Carolina lawmakers have introduced House Bill 689, which would codify the state’s commitment to environmental justice. Learn more here. 

‘Green steel’ would curb carbon emissions, spur economic revival in southwest Pennsylvania, study says

Pennsylvania’s steel industry has the potential to lead a national transition to reduce or even eliminate carbon emissions. Learn more here. 

Muslims around the world consider climate during Ramadan

In a month where restraint and charity are emphasized, recommendations can include using less water while performing ritual washings or using reusable cutlery during community iftars. Learn more here. 

Week of 24 April

Saving forests to protect coastal ecosystems: Japan sets historic example

It’s a lesson other nations could benefit from as the global environmental crisis worsens. Learn more here. 

EVs to capture one-fifth of global market this year amid ‘explosive growth’

Electric vehicles are on track to capture nearly one-fifth of the global market this year, according to a new report detailing the “explosive growth” of plug-in cars. Learn more here. 

Britain and the Netherlands agree on a North Sea power link

The undersea connection between a Dutch wind farm and Britain could be a step toward more renewable energy to counter Russia and tackle climate change. Learn more here. 

FTC takes a microscope to sustainability claims

Companies are talking the talk on sustainability. The Federal Trade Commission is gearing up to make sure they’re walking the walk. Learn more here. 

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