PARTNER SPOTLIGHT: iLab’s Go! Coral Guardian

For the last four years, iLab has facilitated a project called GO! Coral Guardian’, with the purpose of compelling people throughout China to take action in support of marine and coral protection. 


It’s clear to iLab that protecting our coral and ocean ecosystems is critical to the health of our blue planet. Oceans cover 71% of Earth’s surface and comprise 90% of the biosphere and coral reefs are the forests of the ocean and the most important component of the marine ecosystem. Coral reefs cover less than 0.1% of the ocean floor and yet they support at least 25% of marine habitats and the livelihoods of 500 million people worldwide. We have a big responsibility to prevent further degradation of our coral reefs and some ground to make up for from the past. In just the past 30 years, the Great Barrier Reef has lost 50% of its coral reefs and 60% of coral reefs globally are expected to be dead in the next 30 years. 


To address this issue, iLab pursues marine-friendly and coral-safe formulas in all of their products. All products exclude ingredients that harm marine and coral ecosystems, such as oxybenzone, cinnamate, octocrylene, parabens, and microplastics. In addition, iLab advocates for “1% Ocean,” by contributing 1% of all sales revenue and resources of iLab to efforts that support marine environmental protection and initiates environmental action such as coral planting and beach cleaning with World Ocean Day every year.  


Here’s a brief history of the “GO! Coral Guardian!” efforts:


2020: The 1st session of Coral Guardian was a joint environmental protection action by the international diving organization – SSI, World Ocean Day and iLab. Coral planting activities were carried out on Weizhou island, and beach cleaning activities were carried out on Wailing-ding island in Zhuhai. 

2020 年 第一届“来吧!珊瑚卫士!”


2021: In the 2nd session of Coral Guardian, the COVID-19 pandemic restricted activities around the world, but could not restrict our love for the ocean. By live-streaming the entire underwater coral planting process, people were informed of the importance of coral protection. During this session, 6 professionals from outdoor sports field (Jenny Zhao, Shirley Yan, Cuiling Shi, Shan Ye, Alan Yang, and Tea-tia ) and 6 social media figures (Du Yini, FUCO, Mia Liu, SarahXU, Xavier, and YANGFANJAME) were chosen as 2022 Friends of World Ocean Day China. 

2021 年 第二届 来吧!珊瑚卫士!


这一年,来自户外运动领域的6位专业人士:Jenny Zhao / Shirley Yan / Cuiling Shi / Shan Ye / Alan Yang / Tea-tia,及6位社交媒体达人:Du Yini / FUCO / Mia Liu / SarahXU / Xavier / YANGFANJAME 成为中国2021年世界海洋日挚友。

2022: For the 3rd session of the Coral Guardian in 2022, iLab gathered extreme sports enthusiasts and marine environmentalists to take action for marine environmental protection. iLab launched a series of environmental protection campaigns, including raising awareness about marine protection through speeches and forums, and direct services by way of coral planting. The general public was also invited to participate in advocating for marine environmental protection, and promote China’s environmental protection efforts to the world.  

2022 年:第三届来吧!珊瑚卫士


Helena Hu / Tina Qian / Veronica Pang / Wu Zhi Zhou Island 成为中国2022年世界海洋日挚友。

2023: This year, the 4th session of the ‘Go! Coral Guardian’, iLab will continue demonstrating their dedication to environmental protection efforts by working with global environmental organizations to carry out the marine and coral protection efforts. 4 environmentalists from outdoor related fields including – Helena Hu / Tina Qian / Veronica Pang / Wu Zhi Zhou Island have been chosen as 2022 Friend of World Ocean Day China.  Other Friends of World Ocean Day China include 3 government organizations – Sanya Investment Promotion Bureau / Tourism,Culture,Radio,Television and Sports Bureau of Hainan Lingshui Li Autonomous County / Sanya Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports Bureau and 2 islands that focus on and advocate for environmental protection – West Island Sanya / Boundary Island Hainan. All of these partners will work together with iLab to promote China’s environmental protection efforts to the world and restore the ecological environment of our blue planet. 


今年iLab将继续与全球环保组织合作,开展海洋和珊瑚保护工作,兑现对环保事业的承诺。除了三亚的珊瑚种植,世界海洋日执行董事 Bill Mott、国际潜水机构SSI全球总裁 JC、班夫中国创始人 Tina也 在此次活动中为海洋发声,呼吁更多人守护海洋。

2023年,五位世界海洋日挚友将作为合作伙伴与iLab共同开展环保活动,其中包括三个政府机构 – 三亚市投资促进局、陵水黎族自治县旅游和文化广电体育局、三亚市旅游文化广电体育局,以及两个专注于倡导环境保护的岛屿 – 三亚西岛及海南分界洲岛。这五位世界海洋日的合作伙伴将与iLab一起,向世界宣传中国的环保力量,为恢复我们蓝色星球的生态环境而努力!

Thank you to iLab and all the Friends of World Ocean Day China for your past and ongoing efforts to protect our one shared ocean!



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