VARTA – Eliminating plastic in packaging

VARTA, headquartered in Germany, produces and markets a comprehensive portfolio of battery and energy storage solutions. They also have a keen corporate focus on sustainability. With the launch of their innovative packaging for consumer batteries VARTA has decided to team up with World Ocean Day in a program called “VARTA HELPS!”.

A key sustainability focus of the VARTA program is its new LONGLIFE battery packaging. The batteries are now shipping in recycled packaging that is also free of any plastic. Even better, the packaging is designed to be reusable – it not only carries the new batteries, but it is also used as a container to recycle the old batteries. And going even further, both the packaging and the in-store displays can be 100% recycled. In this way, the new packages help to reduce plastic waste and contribute to the battle against the dramatic pollution of the world’s ocean.

Then there is VARTA’s focus on climate. VARTA is the only German battery manufacturer to rely on Germany as its production location. This means that the distribution of their products to the EU is on very short routes since no ocean travel is necessary. The result is a reduction of CO2 emissions – a more environmentally friendly product.

As part of the campaign, VARTA is donating to World Ocean Day in a partnership program. Herbert Schein, CEO of VARTA, emphasizes that this dedication is more essential than ever: “Society’s growing need for an intact environment can only be met with sustainable concepts for environmentally friendly production and environmentally compatible products. Our products significantly contribute to sustainability thanks to their innovative technological design features, construction, environmentally friendly use of materials and efficient, nearly 100% recyclability.”

VARTA has co-branded its battery displays with the World Ocean Day logo. To find out more about all of VARTA’s sustainability programs just visit their website

This partnership is a great example of “Together We Can”!

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