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Protected: 30×30 / Zoos, Aquariums & Museums

Zoos, aquariums and science museums strongly support the goal of conserving at least 30% of America’s lands, waters and ocean by 2030 in keeping with the vision of the America the Beautiful Initiative.



Scientists have stressed that conserving at least 30% of the planet’s lands, waters and ocean by 2030 is absolutely essential for addressing the climate change and biodiversity crisis. A wide array of individuals and organizations have rallied around this goal of “30×30” and now more than 50 countries, including the United States, have adopted it.

We all depend on nature, and now nature is depending on us.  Nature is a source of joy and wonder, and provides countless benefits for our communities, from providing food and recreation to supporting our economy and stabilizing our climate. However we are now in the midst of a nature crisis. Here in the United States we are losing one football field’s worth of our natural lands every 30 seconds, half of all freshwater and saltwater wetlands in the contiguous 48 states have disappeared, nearly every corner of our ocean has been touched by human impact, and at least one-third of our wildlife is now at increased risk of extinction.


To help address the nature crisis President Biden in January, 2021  issued an executive order officially adopting the goal of “30×30,” soon followed by a vision for “Conserving and Restoring America the Beautiful” through an inclusive, collaborative and locally driven process.  The goal of 30×30 is ambitious but achievable, as by the end of 2020, the U.S. had protected 12% of its lands and 23% of its ocean.

Zoos, aquariums and science museums are playing an important role!
  • Engaging the public – As leaders in animal care and conservation, zoos, aquariums and science museums each year welcome millions of people who expect, trust and appreciate information on how to advance conservation together, while being open to community input on how to do it better.
  • Informing policymakers – As science-based organizations grounded in their local communities, zoos, aquariums and science museums are uniquely positioned to share community views along with their own expertise
And this is all in addition to the direct contributions zoos, aquariums and science museums are making to conservation efforts, including through programs such as AZA SAFE


Please consider sharing on social media why conserving nature and wildlife matters to you, using the hashtags #AmericatheBeautfiul and #30×30.  Or go to (INSERT LINK TO NEW/MODE) to share your support directly with your representatives in Washington, DC, and encourage them to accelerate land, water, and ocean conservation and restoration efforts across the country,  and for the benefit of all Americans.