In the heart of Ghana, where the rhythm of life is entwined with the land and its people, Abdul Na-eem Muniru’s (he/him) story unfolds like a tapestry of passion, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of change. Hailing from the vibrant city of Wa, Abdul’s journey has been shaped by an unwavering commitment to environmental conservation, social justice, and the deep blue mysteries of our oceans.

As a recent graduate of the University of Education Winneba, where he studied Political Science Education and Geography, Abdul Na-eem brings a multidisciplinary perspective to the challenges facing our planet. But his story goes beyond academia; it’s a narrative of action and advocacy that resonates with those who share his passion for change.

Abdul Na-eem’s path to environmental activism was ignited through a series of experiences that brought him closer to the heart of our blue planet. His journey began with remote externships that opened his eyes to the profound connections between humanity and the natural world. Working with organizations like Credera, Greenpeace USA, and the National Geographic Society, he delved into cultural competencies, accessibility issues, and marine conservation.

It was during his remote externship with the National Geographic Society and the Nature Conservancy that Abdul felt an unbreakable bond with the ocean. Here, he conducted primary research that explored the intriguing interplay between superstitious beliefs and marine conservation. Armed with his storytelling prowess, he crafted compelling story maps on ArcGIS, bringing to life the intricate relationship between superstitions and the health of our marine ecosystems. This experience intensified his advocacy for our blue planet, propelling him to the forefront of marine conservation efforts.

But Abdul Na-eem’s journey doesn’t end with research and advocacy. He’s a hands-on advocate for the environment. His volunteer experiences with GRIPE, where he combats plastic waste in the oceans of Ghana, and his role as a Gensea member, further exemplify his dedication to the cause. These experiences ground him in the reality of environmental challenges and drive him to find practical solutions.

Abdul Na-eem’s advocacy is not limited to the shores of Ghana; it’s a global mission. His abstract presentation at the West Africa Marine Science Symposium in 2023 showcased his dedication to marine conservation. He not only presented a poster but also took on the role of a session moderator, demonstrating his commitment to sharing knowledge and fostering collaboration among experts in the field.

In Abdul Na-eem Muniru, we find a passionate advocate for our environment, a storyteller who weaves narratives of change, and a dedicated activist ready to combat marine plastic pollution and protect our oceans. His journey is a testament to the power of individuals to make a difference, and he stands as an inspiring example of what can be achieved when passion meets purpose.