Aoun photo

Aoun Ali

, 17

Aoun Ali (he/him), a high school student from Karachi, Pakistan, is a passionate advocate for both climate activism and STEM. His journey into the world of climate advocacy began with a deep-rooted concern for the environment and a fervent desire to make a positive impact on the world.

From a young age, Aoun exhibited a natural curiosity about the environment and a thirst for knowledge in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). This curiosity led him to explore various aspects of STEM, from coding and AI to alternative energy solutions. Aoun’s dedication and hard work in these fields were rewarded with a full scholarship to The Knowledge Society, the world’s top global accelerator for young innovators.

As he delved deeper into STEM, Aoun realized the critical role that science and technology play in addressing the pressing issue of climate change. This revelation ignited his passion for climate activism. Aoun believes that the power of STEM can be harnessed to develop innovative solutions for the environmental challenges we face.

Aoun’s commitment to climate activism is reflected in his involvement with organizations like the Youth Climate Action Team Inc., where he serves as the Global Affairs Co-Director. In this role, he collaborates with international partners to establish regional branches and work on initiatives aimed at combatting climate change.

Additionally, Aoun’s dedication to environmental education is evident through his leadership as the Regional Leader and Founder of YCAT Pakistan, a division of YCAT Inc. He works tirelessly with his team to raise awareness about climate issues, lobby for change, and organize climate education workshops.
Aoun’s remarkable journey underscores his belief that the intersection of STEM and climate activism holds the key to creating a sustainable future. His tireless efforts, leadership, and commitment to these causes make him a shining example of how young individuals can drive meaningful change in the world, one innovative solution and one climate advocacy initiative at a time.