Charissa photo

Charissa Taylor

The Bahamas
, 17

Charissa Taylor (she/her) is a 17-year-old aspiring Marine Biologist and Environmental Advocate. Born and raised in the beautiful islands of the Bahamas, Charissa has grown to become an ocean activist. Her passion for environmental advocacy first started at a sailing camp she attended in 2016. She considers this a very pivotal role in her life as this is what truly sparked her passion for marine advocacy and conservation.

Charissa states that she can vividly recall visiting beaches with her parents as a child or going on boat rides and seeing healthy reefs filled with biodiversity and a wide variety of healthy marine life. Now that she is older, she asserts that boat rides and SCUBA trips are no longer what they were, as the reefs are completely wiped out, and the bright healthy coral reefs she once snorkeled in are now white and dull due to coral bleaching, in addition to human-induced damage. Notwithstanding, Charissa lives by the philosophy that she should be the change she desires to see. Resultantly, Charissa aspires to specialize in coral restoration and coral ecology and has even worked along with other NGO’s including FEM STEM Bahamas, Black in Marine Science in partnership with the Nature Conservancy, and the Perry Institute for Marine Science to restore, and advocate for this vital resource.

As Charissa has recently embarked on a new journey, taking her passion to another level by pursuing a degree in oceanography, she is confident that she will continue to make positive contributions to her community, while simultaneously increasing awareness about our blue planet. Charissa believes that the greatest threat to our planet is the lack of awareness surrounding environmental issues, and thus, she is excited to serve as a council member, mitigate the effects of a lack of awareness, and actively inspire and promote change across a global scale.

Charissa’s goal is to one day work at a large impactful company, engaging in groundbreaking research and working along with other like-minded individuals to solve some of the global ills faced by our society. She believes that with God on her side, and an attitude of perseverance, her desire to see change will ultimately be made a reality.