Dana Ahmed (she/her) is a 20-year-old Law and Politics student at the University of Glasgow involved in ocean conservation advocacy work and creating accessible and inclusive climate ocean education. She’s a member of IRENA’s Youth Forum and was a youth delegate in IRENA’s ninth and tenth assembly sessions. At COP27, she presented the first MENA ocean action plan at the blue zone’s action hub, creating the first-of-its-kind framework for ocean solutions in the region. She’s Egypt’s contact point in the SDG7 constituency group, an arctic ice force hub leader in Egypt leading educational arctic workshops and contributing to building the legal framework for an arctic moratorium in MENA, and the youngest member of the Sustainable Ocean Alliance Youth Policy Advisory Council of 2022 serving as Secretary and Representative of Egypt.

Dana is passionate about members most affected by the lack of urgency in the climate crisis and has thus founded EcoSpectrum, the world’s first organization and soon-to-be mobile app aiming to elevate youth’s inclusivity on the spectrum of autism in ocean conservation discussions. Dana is currently launching the Asfour Initiative which encompasses working with indigenous local Egyptian communities living on the coasts of the Nile, Mediterranean, and Red Sea to elevate their unique stories and provide graphical educational tools for an accessible and localized ocean literacy curriculum. Through the art of crocheting marine dolls stuffed with collected plastic from each community’s coastlines, the Asfour Initiative contributes to creating jobs and advancing ocean education in vulnerable communities across the coasts of Egypt and beyond.