Emma Batty Sukerta is a 19 year old Canadian-Indonesian ocean advocate. Emma has spoken in over 50 speaking engagements, a majority surrounding the topics of climate change, plastic pollution, and youth empowerment, including a Tedx Talk about “Alleviating Poverty as a Solution towards Sustainability.” She was the previous leader of Bye Bye Plastic Bag Jakarta, leading 19 school clubs towards raising awareness about reducing plastic waste. She was the Community Builder of YOUTHTOPIA, managing a community of over 200 changemakers, creating learning programs that encourage young people to learn from other young changemakers to make a difference. Today, she has been part of YOUTHTOPIA Circle of Youth.

Emma first started diving when she won the #WhyCoExist video competition and won a trip to visit the marine protected island of D’Arros in the Seychelles. She was able to interact and learn from the Save our Sea’s marine research team. She then went on to receive a scholarship by Blue Corner Dive to receive her divemaster certification, and join their research team. She recently participated in an externship with National Geographic and The Nature Conservancy, and received Seed Funding to begin her project in acoustic restoration. She will be working with Blue Corner Conservation to study how acoustics can be used to assess marine environments and be used to improve coral restoration methods.