Gurgen Petrosyan

, 21

Gurgen Petrosyan (he/him), a 21-year-old Armenian-Italian, is a dedicated advocate for human rights and environmental issues. He is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in International Law with a specialization in Human Rights. His journey towards becoming a prominent figure in the fields of youth work, community engagement, and environmental activism began at the young age of 14.

Gurgen’s passion for working with young people and engaging with communities led him down a remarkable path of self-discovery and activism. He started his journey as a volunteer, dedicating his time and energy to various youth-oriented projects. Over the years, his commitment and dedication shone through, propelling him into roles as a trainer and mentor for his peers. He continues to inspire and empower the younger generation to this day.

Not content with just volunteering, Gurgen Petrosyan’s commitment to youth work soon saw him working for organizations dedicated to nurturing the potential of young people. His extensive experience in this field paved the way for him to become a valuable resource for youth seeking guidance and opportunities.

One of Gurgen’s most notable achievements is his consecutive two-year tenure as a European Climate Pact Ambassador and Digital Citizen Ambassador. In these roles, he tirelessly advocates for climate change awareness, climate justice, and the protection of our oceans. He firmly believes in the power of collective action to combat the pressing global issues of our time.

His dedication to human rights extends beyond borders as he actively fights for LGBTQ+ rights, believing in equal rights and opportunities for all. Gurgen Petrosyan has collaborated with numerous non-profit organizations focused on environmental issues, including Generation Climate Europe and Youth and Environment Europe. His tireless efforts have contributed significantly to raising awareness and driving positive change in environmental conservation.

In addition to his advocacy work, Gurgen wears multiple hats in the international arena. He serves as the Secretary-General at AIESEC International, an organization that aims to provide young people with transformative leadership experiences. Furthermore, his role as the International Officer at the European Student Think Tank demonstrates his commitment to nurturing the intellectual growth of young minds.

One creative and forward-thinking step Gurgen Petrosyan took was joining The World Ocean Day Youth Advisory Council. In this capacity, he brings his passion for ocean protection and environmental sustainability to a global platform, working alongside like-minded individuals to create impactful initiatives for a healthier planet. This commitment showcases his innovative and collaborative approach to addressing environmental challenges.

In summary, Gurgen Petrosyan has a boundless passion for human rights, environmental activism, and youth engagement. His journey from a volunteer to a prominent advocate and leader in various organizations is a testament to his unwavering dedication and commitment to creating a better world. With a heart for change and a mind for innovation, Gurgen continues to inspire and lead the way towards a brighter future for all.