Kjeld photot

Kjeld Werther

The Netherlands
, 19

Kjeld Werther (he/him) is a 19 year-old upcoming marine biologist, with a great interest in the ocean, animal rights and climate justice. The playful exploration of the living world around him when he was little, partly shifted into concern when he found out that the world he was loving so much, was in danger. Fueled by the thought that every animal has the right to live, he worked at multiple environmental organisations during secondary school. At his final year, he even got the opportunity to study the impact of plastic litter on the life around the canals at the University of Leiden. Those primary years of action made him realise that when you really want to make a change, you not only have to study the solutions, but also should work out those solutions yourself in the real world as well. For him, it’s all about the combination of study and implementation.

Kjeld is studying biology at the University of Utrecht, with in-depth courses on marine sciences, ecology and behavior. His dream is to become a protector of the animals and communities that live near the oceans. Every day, he follows his ground rule of study and implementation to come a bit closer to that goal. Study consists of researching ocean materials at the lab, diving in one of the Dutch lakes and learning more about the blue world as an Eurocean’s Youth Ambassador. He gained experience by leading a team on biodiversity and food systems at the Dutch National Youth Council, by inspiring others through an interview with Unicef on climate change and by working at the ‘Nieuwkoopse Plassen’, a nature reserve near his hometown. Currently, Kjeld is fighting for climate justice through the International Court of Justice as a Partnerships Lead at the Dutch department of World’s Youth for Climate Justice. When Kjeld is asked how you can make a difference, he always advises to green up your life step by step. ‘The climate and biodiversity crisis is such a big and complicated problem. When beginning small and using your own talents, making a change comes in a natural way.