Leena Joshi is a social entrepreneur, climate advocate and author. She’s the founder and executive director of Ethereal, a youth-led nonprofit, with 9000 volunteers in 40+ countries. She has sat on boards and advisory councils for several organisations. She has been a member at Harvard Business Review Ascend Select and has provided insights to editorial, marketing and product teams of HBR and has contributed to research projects by HBR Ascend.
Leena’s work has been featured by World Bank Group, Girl Up, United Nations Foundation, International Universities Climate Alliance, Climate Reality Project, Her Campus Media and Next Generation Fellows. She was previously a Member at Global Leadership Challenge at Oxford University. She has been an Ambassador for organisations including World Bank Group, GreenPeace USA, 4ocean, Beni and the Climate Initiative.

Leena is a prolific public speaker who has spoken at events across the world including Conferences of Youth, RCOY, Girl Up Global Leadership Summit, GatherVerse Summit, YOUNGO at UNFCCC and even at the High Commission of Canada. She has authored books including ‘The Climate Awakening’ and ‘Ethereal’ and writes poetry about social impact.