Louisa Hoy (she/her) is a 21-year-old student in her final year of an Integrated Master’s degree in Marine Biology at the University of Southampton. Her ambition is to forge a career in corporate sustainability and Environmental Social Governance (ESG), with a commitment to reducing society’s carbon footprint and environmental impact. Armed with experience in data analysis and sustainability consultancy, Louisa aims to leverage her background in marine biology to address real-world challenges, such as developing sustainable business strategies and advising large-scale corporations on biodiversity and environmental conservation.

Louisa has first-hand experience working with live marine animals, having dedicated significant time volunteering at her university’s research aquarium. In this role, she was responsible for not only maintaining the aquarium but also extracting and settling larvae from live jellyfish, while meticulously monitoring their growth and development. These jellyfish later played a crucial role in master’s experiments, assessing the effects of microplastics and salinity on jellyfish survival. This experience has cultivated Louisa’s unique perspective on the impact of climate change, igniting her passion for conservation.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Louisa has contributed to the efforts of environmental charities such as the Marine Conservation Society and Sea Life. Her involvement included working on social media campaigns and collecting and analysing data to support these organisation’s missions. Furthermore, Louisa’s passion for marine life extends to her scuba diving endeavours, which she has pursued since the age of 12. Recently, she completed her Advanced Open Water qualification during a semester abroad in San Diego, California, allowing her to immerse herself in a new culture, develop global connections, and indulge in thrilling experiences like night diving with sharks and snorkelling with seals.

In 2016, Louisa established a blog, www.sea-nery.co.uk, where she shares insightful content related to marine biology and environmental matters. Her goal is to educate, raise awareness, and continually challenge and educate herself on important issues.

In addition to her academic and environmental interests, Louisa is an enthusiast of art, music, skiing, and netball, which allow her to strike a balance between her studies, creative endeavours, and sports. She is excited about bringing her creativity into her role on the council, emphasising the importance of innovative visuals in conveying information and advocating causes.

As the representative for England, Louisa looks forward to bringing a fresh perspective to the council, utilising her scientific expertise and corporate experience to foster collaboration between stakeholders and enhancing engagement with World Ocean Day initiatives.