Malika (she/her) is a high school senior and a creative climate activist based in the largest landlocked country in the world, Kazakhstan. She is very passionate about ocean conservation and uses her creativity and research skills to advocate for the environment.

Malika has unwavering hope in youth-led climate initiatives and firmly believes that amplifying young people’s voices, especially underrepresented ones, is extremely important. She is the founder of a fully student-led volunteer organization SeeAralSea, dedicated to increasing the environmental visibility of Central Asia, the region she’s from. Within SeeAralSea, Malika connects youth from Central Asia who write articles for the Read&SeeAralSea online magazine and create educational posts about their countries. Truly, one of Malika’s primary goals within her advocacy is to represent her country and region, which often lack media recognition, by raising awareness about their important ecological challenges. She is extremely excited to continue doing that with World Ocean Day!

Malika named her organization to honor the disappearing Aral Sea in Kazakhstan – once the fourth-largest lake in the world, whose waters were derived by the authorities for cotton irrigation in the 1960s. It was sacrificed for fast fashion and economic development and shrank almost fully, which led to severe environmental degradation.
To prevent such tragedies, the young advocate aims to learn and implement sustainable management practices by working in conservation-minded non-profits. While being a part of the environmental Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs’ Future Blue Youth Council, Malika learned the value of collaborative advocacy in eco-conscious management and intends to use the gained knowledge in her future studies. At university, she wants to pursue Environmental Science and Sustainable management to bring her work to a larger scale.

Moreover, Malika actively shares such valuable experiences with her community – she has an environmental club GenGreen at school with the help of which, she created a nationwide webinar series about eco-project creation, called “Eco-enterprise”. She invited 12 international eco-project starters to share their stories in 40–60-minute Zoom sessions and three of them were from the Future Blue Youth Council. Malika wanted to inspire Kazakhstani youth to start their own sustainable initiatives.
Thanks to Bow Seat, she also realized the significance of creative activism and storytelling in achieving a green future. She wrote blogs and made videos on various climate-related topics, impacting numerous people of all ages. She hopes to incorporate her passion for video making in other projects, including World Ocean Day, as she believes that art is a tool that can transcend any barriers.

As a World Ocean Day Youth Advisory Council Member, Malika is willing to expand her climate activism globally by creating even more effective projects. She looks forward to meeting ambitious advocates who are not willing to abide by the status quo and strives to broaden the horizons of her advocacy.