Zahra photo

Zahra Basil

, 19

Zahra Basil (she/her) is a 19-year-old History and Literature student from Lahore, Pakistan. She began her activist journey at the start of the pandemic when she joined the Re-Earth Initiative (REI)- a global youth-led climate organisation that fosters regeneration and empowers communities to champion collaborative climate solutions. Since then she has fully immersed herself in the world of climate activism, working with various organisations on an array of projects to further the climate movement. Belonging to a country extremely vulnerable to the impacts of Climate Change with little resources available to dedicate to mitigation strategies, Zahra is a strong advocate for climate reparations for the Global South. She also has a powerful belief in the importance of uplifting youth voices in this crisis and ensuring that youth members are part of, if not leading, all decision-making.

Over the past few years, Zahra has worked on several projects, primarily focusing on trying to make the climate movement more inclusive and accessible for all. This has ranged from trying to increase the availability of climate information by creating academic resources like syllabi or toolkits for underprivileged schools to working with REI to finance grass-roots restoration projects from around the world. As someone who believes that it is extremely important for diverse perspectives from people across the world, particularly MAPA youth, to be considered when deciding the course of action, with REI Zahra used art and letter writing to bring such voices to COP27. She is also an advisory board member at Project 19, working to educate people on crucial climate events and jargon. Locally, she has frequently organised plantations, and clean ups, and has worked on the development of infrastructure for sustainable solid waste management too. Beyond climate activism, Zahra is passionate about graphic design, law and policy-making, as well as eradicating period poverty.