World Ocean Day 2023 Event Planning Toolkit

Get ready for World Ocean Day, 8 June!

Each year, World Ocean Day provides a unique opportunity for a wide variety of diverse organizations, schools, businesses, and communities to honor and celebrate the ocean that connects us all.

How are you planning to celebrate?

Check out the 2023 Event Planning Toolkit for ideas, suggestions, tips, and tools to help you create and publicize your plans for an activity or event on or around 8 June!

No matter what type of activity or event you are thinking about, check out all of the additional resources including customizable promotional materials, social media toolkits, and action-oriented event ideas to support you as you plan activities.

The 2023 Conservation Action Focus:

Recently, world leaders committed to protect 30% of our lands, waters, and oceans by 2030, also known as “30×30.” This was a huge victory and worth celebrating! Now that this goal has been set, together we can make sure that our national leaders follow through on their commitments. 

For World Ocean Day this year, you’re encouraged to take action by sharing why you support 30×30.

At×30 click the “take action” button to select your top 3 reasons why you want to protect our lands, waters, and ocean. Then, spread the word to your networks, and incorporate this “30×30 action” into your World Ocean Day plans.  

Whether you have 10 minutes, 30 minutes, or 1 hour to spend – supporting 30×30 is easy to do! Get inspired and find additional 30×30 resources to help you spread the word and plan ahead for World Ocean Day.

Including a conservation-related ask into your World Ocean Day celebrations will make a bigger impact for our blue planet. It also provides your event attendees and participants with an opportunity to raise their voice in support of an important cause.

Whatever you have planed for World Ocean Day, we encourage you to spread the word about taking action for 30×30 or include an ask to support your own local conservation-related initiative.

Together, we will help grow the movement to protect our blue planet.

Ready to share your event plans with the world?

Share your event with the world! To submit your event in the World Ocean Day database, visit the ‘submit your event’ page. After you complete the website form, the submission will be reviewed. You will receive an email confirmation when your event is approved and it will appear on the Events Calendar and World Map on the World Ocean Day website.