One Ocean, One Climate, One Future – Together

Youth leaders and organizations are collaborating in transformative ways to create a more just, equitable, and sustainable society and a healthy blue planet.
By collaborating with youth leaders, youth organizations, aquariums, zoos, and other community organizations we are developing a global network that effectively engages the public and informs local, national and international policymakers. Together, we are growing the movement to protect and restore our blue planet.

About the Youth Advisory Council

The World Ocean Day Youth Advisory Council was created in 2016 to help develop World Ocean Day into a unique way to connect and unite youth around the world for a better future with a healthier ocean and climate that sustains us all, no matter where we live.

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Youth Advocacy Training

This free online youth advocacy training program runs year-round. Sessions build upon and refine the existing advocacy skills of attendees, integrate civic learning, and encourage strengthened collaborative conservation action - locally, nationally, and globally.