Partnership and Sponsorship Opportunities


Why World Ocean Day

Help us unite the world for celebration and collective action around 8 June and throughout the year! World Ocean Day is much more than a day: It’s a lifestyle, a way of life, a mindset. Together, we are growing a global movement for a healthy blue planet and sustainable society!

Thank you 謝謝 Merci شكرا لكم Спасибо ¡Gracias!

Global and National Partnerships

Showcase your brand’s support for a healthy ocean and stable climate! Collaborate with us as we work with youth and a wide range of organizations to help create a more just, equitable, and sustainable society and a healthy blue planet.

Become a 2024 Sponsor

We have a variety of sponsorships available for companies and organizations that share our passion and purpose to protect the ocean, help stabilize the climate, and collaborate on youth engagement and leadership for a more sustainable society. Click below to see current Sponsors.

Make a Personal Donation

Support youth leadership and action for our blue planet, with a healthy ocean and stable climate! Your generosity really helps! Create a fundraiser for your birthday this year! Click below to make a donation through our fiscal sponsor, The Ocean Foundation, and thank you!

Contact Us

For more information about our customized partnerships with unique opportunities around World Ocean Day in June and our focus on building global youth leadership for our blue planet year round, please contact us.