A World Ocean Day celebration in China

This blog entry is in both the Chinese and English languages. Let’s start with Chinese:

世界上关于中国的最常见的叙述是不可持续的增长,大规模生产和充满烟雾的城市。但是,每个叙述都有两面性。被传达到世界的叙述是 —— 中国是一个充满创新、渴望商业合作的国家,中国人非常关心自然环境的保护。

世界海洋日很高兴地宣布与两家在中国的改变者建立合作伙伴关系,从而推动海洋保护,并扭转世界对中国的传统印象。 6月8日,可持续护肤的领导品牌iLab、国际潜水学校SSI中国,与世界海洋日共同合作,推动中国在环境保护方面的努力,并加强全球行动来保护我们的蓝色星球。


今年的世界海洋日,iLab和SSI-China将在6月6日,7日和8日举办为期三天的活动。每个SSI-China潜水中心都将举行庆祝活动,包括珊瑚种植、清洁海滩、深入了解海洋保护、了解保护我们30%的蓝色星球的全球目标以及进入海洋的途径。 iLab将为活动捐赠海洋环保的防晒和晒后修复产品。这对所有人将是一个有趣有行动的周末!

我们都对中国即将到来的世界海洋日周末感到兴奋。欢迎加入我们的Together We Can周末!

The story most commonly told about China in the world is that of unsustainable growth, mass manufacturing, and smog-filled cities. Yet, every narrative has two sides. Lost in translation to the world are the stories of a country teeming with innovation, businesses eager for collaboration, and people who care deeply about conserving the natural environment.

World Ocean Day is thrilled to announce the launch of a new partnership with two China changemakers, advancing ocean conservation and turning the tide on the conventional narrative. On June 8th, iLab, a leader in sustainable skincare brand, and Scuba Schools International (SSI) China are teaming up with World Ocean Day to advance China’s environmental efforts and grow the global movement to protect our blue planet.

A leading dive center in China with numerous diving schools and programs across the country, SSI-China is committed to ecological sustainability and using diving to educate and inspire divers to protect the marine environment. Coral reefs play a critical role in the health of the marine ecological system, a guiding principle in iLab’s coral reef-safe sunscreen products that exclude harmful chemicals and ingredients that can lead to coral bleaching. The two groups also have cooperation in ocean conservation efforts through the Blue Oceans initiative.

For World Ocean Day this year, iLab and SSI-China will be hosting a three-day event on June 6th, 7th, and 8th. There will be celebrations at each of the SSI-China dive centers, including coral planting, beach cleanups, insights into ocean conservation, learning about the global goal of protecting 30% of our blue planet, and access to getting into the ocean. iLab will be donating a significant amount of their ocean-friendly products of sunscreen and after-sun repair to the event. This will be a fun and action-oriented weekend for all!

We are all excited about this upcoming World Ocean Day weekend in China. Join us there for a Together We Can weekend!


Thank you Shirley Yan of SSI-China and Yuyi Yang of iLabs for this partnership!