February Resources: Environmental Justice

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We list some EJ resources below, and please let us know if you suggest additional resources, inspiration, and ways to take action that we can include in future updates. Please also share successes so we can amplify through the blog, social media, and in other ways throughout the year. Thank you! 

Videos, Articles, Websites, and Many Other Resources 



 Publicly Available Resources 


  • Intersectional Environmentalist: Among many other great opportunities, IE provides educational resources, including toolkits, and guidance for organizations looking to shift their narrative.  
  • Environmental Justice Coalition: Mobilize youth in the fight for environmental justice, bring a lens of intersectionality to the field, and uplift marginalized communities most impacted by environmental racism and injustices. 
  • Urban Ocean Lab 
  • Bullard Center for Environmental and Climate Justice: connecting the dots on environmental, transportation, climate, energy, economic, health and racial justice.


  • A national government example of promoting EJ (ocean justice specifically in this case but applies more broadly) includes the United States Ocean Justice Strategy, released in December 2023. By explicitly acknowledging the intersectionality of environmental protection, social equity, and human rights, this Strategy can drive transformational change in protecting and restoring coastal and marine ecosystems. Some in other countries might find it useful in helping to advocate for stronger ocean and environmental justice where you live. 

Please let us know about other resources that you think are great so we can update this blog and related website pages to share with the world! Thank you!