Public Lectures

Sponsor a public lecture about the ocean by an environmental leader, educator, or scientist. Focus the lecture topic around this year’s World Ocean Day conservation action focus on protecting 30% of our blue planet by 2030, and/or a specific local issue of interest. Include a questions and answers session afterwards to encourage lasting community involvement. And no matter what the topic, everyone can help if you include the opportunity for people to take action by  sharing why they think its important to protect our lands, waters, and ocean.

Alternatively, show a screening of an ocean lecture. Here are some ocean-themed TED Talks, and this TEDx Talk about the role that youth play in the climate movement! 


Host a book reading (and afterwards a signing) with local authors who have written about the ocean. Local bookstores should be able to give you leads on who to contact in your area.

Alternatively, gather volunteers to read portions of an ocean book of your choosing such as: