Recreation and Sports


SCUBA divers have the best opportunity to explore the ocean and bring awareness to ocean issues. Whether your dive location is a shipwreck, coral reef, or some other interesting under-the-sea location, get your local dive shop, club, or organization together for an underwater expedition! Perhaps you can couple it with an underwater cleanup. Teach others about diving with free learn to SCUBA lessons or stay at the surface with snorkeling tours.

Nature Tours

Organize a day of nature tours for your local community to learn about and enjoy the ocean’s beauty. Sponsor a local naturalist to lead a nature walk, cruise or kayak along a nearby river, lake, or coastal area. The tour can include identifications and discussions of the aquatic wildlife and features seen and unseen along the way. Give participants lots of time for hands-on exploration. Include information about our ocean connection and how we can protect our blue backyard!

Run, Walk, or March

You can also host a walk, run, or a street parade! Encourage kids and adults to dress up as their favorite sea creatures and raise funds to donate to a local conservation organization.

Likewise, identify a specific ocean-related issue that you want to bring awareness to and hold a march or rally for it! The issue could be plastic microfibers, overfishing, or something else affecting the oceans – extra points for something relating to your local community. This is a great way to educate participants on the serious issues surrounding the big blue, and it can help spur action towards solving problems facing the ocean.


Host a swimming race or event. Whether it is in the ocean or a lake, get members of your community into the water for World Ocean Day. Charge a small entry fee to view or participate and donate the proceeds to a conservation program or organization in your area.


Host a regatta for your local community. Make your regatta interesting for spectators by having educational booths and entertainment. A public sailing race is a great way to get everyone to the water and thinking about the ocean on World Ocean Day!