Australians Celebrate Inaugural World Ocean Day Down Under

-This featured blog post is written by our partners at CVA. 

It’s with great excitement that Conservation Volunteers Australia has become World Ocean Day’s first official ‘National Partner’.

CVA recently launched the inaugural World Ocean Day Down Under to encourage and empower all Australians to galvanize action for our ocean, wetlands, and rivers.

From January to March 2024, this season of action includes a wide range of events and activities aimed at protecting and restoring Australia’s ocean and biodiversity, while also taking action for climate and building resilience.

Over 75 community volunteering Action Projects have been scheduled to create a significant impact on the health of our ocean.

How to Take Part in World Ocean Day Down Under

The launch of World Ocean Day Down Under kicked off with a bleach cleanup at Nudgee Beach in Queensland. Volunteers helped collect 20 kilograms of litter along the coast, showing the power of community action to create positive environmental change.

In Victoria, conservation volunteers at Avalon Coastal Reserve collected 1390 pieces of rubbish, and at Bibra Lake in Perth, volunteers visited a wetland rehabilitation site for a guided tour and hands-on conservation activities. The involvement of local community volunteers highlight the powerful impact we can make when we come together for a shared cause.

Take Action for Ocean, Wetlands and Rivers

Through ocean conservation, wetland restoration, and river clean-ups with Conservation Volunteers Australia, you can help become a guardian of our incredible biodiversity and ecosystems! For the rest of February and March, CVA is hosting dozens of World Ocean Day Down Under events across Australia which anyone can take part in.

👉 Join a community of conservation volunteers taking action for nature. Register to attend any CVA event by downloading the CVA Community App and selecting an event in your area.

Upcoming CVA Events in February and March 2024:

🌿 Events in New South Wales (NSW):

  • Rejuvenating Koala Habitat, Bagotville, NSW (1 March, 9am)
  • WIRES Nestbox Building Workshop, Hawthorne Reserve, NSW (6 March, 9am)
  • Weed the Woodlands for Wellness & Biodiversity, Londonderry Woodland Reserve, NSW (26 March, 9am)

🌿 Events in Queensland (QLD):

  • Wetland Restoration at the Oaks Road Wetland at Tannum Sands, QLD (27 – 28 February / 12 – 13 March / 26 – 27 March, 7:30am)
  • Melaleuca Wetland Restoration at Coochiemudlo Island, QLD (2 March at 2:15pm / 19 March at 9:45am)
  • Water Mouse Habitat Restoration at Oxbow Wetlands, QLD (6 March, 9:15am)
  • Mangrove Restoration at Bowlin Road, QLD (19 March, 8am)
  • Improving Wetland Biodiversity in Mackay (25 Feb, 3pm)

🌿 Events in Western Australia (WA):

  • Bush Regeneration for Biodiversity, Bibra Lake, WA (27 February / 20 March at 8:25am)
  • Foster Forrestdale Lakes Future at Forrestdale Lake, WA (7 March, 8:25am)

🌿 Events in South Australia (SA):

  • World Ocean Day Down Under beach clean up at St Kilda Beach, SA (24 March, 8am)

🌿 Events in Victoria (VIC):

  • Shorebird Sanctuary Sweep at Avalon Coastal Reserve, VIC (24 Feb, 8:45am)
  • Birdwatching & Weeding at Avalon Coastal Reserve, VIC (20 March, 10:15am)

🌿 Events in Tasmania (TAS):

  • Help out at the Saltmarsh! at Lauderdale Saltmarsh, Bayview Rd, TAS (19 March, 10am)

The future of Australia’s ocean, wetlands and rivers is in our hands

At CVA, we create opportunities for anyone, anywhere, to take practical actions and Sea The Change!

We’re committed to activating a community of people to remove 30 tonnes of litter from reaching the ocean and waterways over the next 5 years to enhance biodiversity, build climate resilience, and support healthy ecosystems.

Through our Sea To Source, Revive Our Wetlands, Citizen Science and World Ocean Day Down Under campaigns and activities, CVA makes it possible for everyone in Australia to get involved in taking action for our ocean, rivers and wetlands.

Together, we can! Will you join us?

Editorial addendum: In addition to cleanups and other community lead events for a healthier ocean, the world has an exciting opportunity right NOW to help solve the problem of plastics. Click here to learn more about the global plastic problem and this historic opportunity. Click here to learn how you can help, wherever you live!