Happy World Ocean Day! Together We Can!

Happy World Ocean Day 2020!

Together we can!

What an exciting time as the World Ocean Day network of organizations and impassioned people around our planet take action to protect and restore our shared ocean. No matter what the challenges are, there will be no deterring anyone in the pursuit of this goal. We are all here to celebrate successes, learn from and support one another, take action, and enjoy the day!

Everyone can celebrate the creativity of the global events happening this year. The tremendous growth in online events. Events including webinars, art exhibits, lectures, music, games, panels, photo contests, and much more. No matter where you live there are events you can engage in. And where it is safe, there are in-person community and coastal events.

The news and events are spread around our blue planet. Event news in Bulgaria, a photo contest about your World Ocean Day, a day of engagement at the Royal Museums Greenwich, beach-based action in the Cook Islands, diving with the Female Divers of Indonesia, a day of action at Tanazani’s Uzi Island – hundreds of events – and you can find them all at the World Ocean Day event system here.

The Guardian is also interested in learning about what issues you see in the ocean, what the ocean means to you, and how you are celebrating World Ocean Day.

This year World Ocean Day has a keen focus on 30×30 – the global drive to protect at least 30% of the land and ocean by the year 2030. You can help by signing the 30×30 petition for our blue planet here.

Enjoy the day, participate, and take action! Post your day on social media using the hashtags #WorldOceansDay and #ProtectOurHome.