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This super-collaborative online Youth Advocacy Training program builds upon and refines the existing advocacy skills of attendees, integrates civic learning, and encourages strengthened collaborative conservation action – locally, nationally, and globally.

The training content is developed by experienced leaders working in ocean and climate advocacy, as well as World Ocean Day Youth Advisory Council alumni. Session speakers include an intergenerational mix of both young leaders and seasoned professionals. Participants have the opportunity to talk with experts, network and collaborate with their peers, and develop a strong foundation for all their future advocacy efforts.

Topics covered include an in-depth look at conservation policy, advocacy & campaign organizing, social media & communications, and event planning & fundraising. The content is designed for youth ages 16-23, although young people of any age are welcome. Participants meet for one-hour weekly sessions via Zoom.

Why Join the Program?

Mobilizing the collective power of youth is essential in the fight for a sustainable future. By equipping young advocates with practical organizing skills and the confidence to take action, we empower them to become effective agents of change in their communities and beyond. Whether it’s organizing events, advocating for policy change, or raising awareness, every action contributes to a healthier planet. Together, we can create a ripple effect of positive change that reverberates for generations to come.

Special mini 2-week session coming in July!

In collaboration with the Sustainable Ocean Alliance, the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition, and the High Seas Alliance, we are excited to announce an upcoming miniature version of Youth Advocacy Training! This 2-week program will still cover many of the same advocacy principles, with a focus on the deep and high seas; two largely unexplored and underprotected regions of our ocean. Participants will learn about how to take action for a deep sea mining moratorium, and push for the ratification of the High Seas Treaty.

Session 1: Deep Sea Mining Moratorium
Saturday, 13 July, at 5pm EDT/ 9pm GMT

Session 2: High Seas Treaty Ratification
Saturday, 20 July, at 5pm EDT/ 9pm GMT

Get connected with the global youth movement!

Since 2022, these training programs have drawn approximately 2000 youth from more than 120 countries around the world. This year, we will be working to help connect youth both geographically and by issue area, to create even more synergies for the seas!

Explore the Four Sessions

Session 1:​

Focuses on understanding the crucial role that advocating for ocean conservation plays in addressing the climate crises. Emphasizes the challenges and explores potential solutions to bridging the gap in understanding and awareness of this connection to decision makers and the public.​

Session 2:

Focuses on demonstrating what it takes to plan an event or campaign - from recruiting the right people to your team, where to look for funding and how to get it, and engaging with your community for a lasting impact. Learn tangible principles, tips, and how-tos on planning and funding effective events.

Session 3:

Focuses on how to develop proper messaging for conservation campaigns including formulating calls-to-action for social media, writing op-eds, letters, and other types of communication. Learn how to effectively communicate campaign goals and progress, and strategies for utilizing various platforms to connect with different audiences.

Session 4:

Focuses on the importance of organizing campaigns and events in partnership and collaboration with others. Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of how to build collective power within a movement, with the capacity to make a bigger impact than if individuals acted on their own.

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