Action: Celebrate World Ocean Day!

This Month's Focus: The Ocean X Climate Connection

Happy World Ocean Month!

World Ocean Day catalyzes collective action for a healthy ocean and a stable climate. Powered by the World Ocean Day Youth Advisory Council, World Ocean Day helps unite and rally the world to protect and restore our blue planet on the 8th of June! The movement supports collaborative conservation, working with its global network of youth leaders and 2,000+ organizations in 150+ countries, and providing free and customizable promotional and actionable resources.

This month, we encourage you to use your voice for three especially important policies in ocean conservation. Your voice matters in shaping a sustainable future for our ocean. 

Have 2 minutes for the ocean?

  1. Help encourage the ratification of the High Seas Treaty. Currently only 5 of the necessary 60 countries have signed the adapted framework. Urge others to sign ASAP.
  2. Urge leaders to agree on a STRONG Global Plastics Treaty. Help end the never-ending cycle of single-use plastic by being a part of history.
  3. Support a moratorium on deep-sea mining. Help stop this massively destructive practice from erasing the still largely-unexplored ecosystems down below.

Have another 2 minutes?

  1. Share World Ocean Day on your social media! We made it super easy for you with a toolkit, graphics and even suggested captions. 

P.S. Don’t forget to drop the S  



World Ocean Day is more than a day, it's a movement.

Celebrate every day with us and take part in all 12 months of action for our blue planet!