Procter & Gamble – Reclaiming plastic and giving it new life

Each year, upwards of eight million tons of plastic waste end up in rivers, lakes, and oceans. For several years, P&G has teamed up with an innovative waste management company, TerraCycle, to create recyclable shampoo, conditioner and dishwashing bottles made of plastic removed from beaches and waterways.

This blog post shows how the partnership between World Ocean Day and Procter & Gamble, a major supporter, resulted in multiple successes. The engagement spanned several fronts. This post focuses on the actions and results of the joint marketing initiatives.

The partnership spanned both the World Ocean Day marketing channels as well as P&G’s marketing channels. P&G also has been a key supporter in growing the global youth initiative. The sponsorship P&G provided included collaboration on global social media throughout the year. World Ocean Day and P&G teams worked together on all program elements. Here are some of the awareness and joint marketing programs that were created:



The National Geographic ACTIVATE documentary can be viewed here.

And what were P&G’s results for creating the world’s first shampoo bottle made with recycled beach plastic? They have sold over 1 million bottles in 10 countries!


Working with P&G is a delight. And P&G’s VP Virginie Helias stated “Challenges such as climate, water, and waste are bigger than any one company. As we move forward, we will be looking to collaborate with industry, governments, civil society groups and academics to help advance our efforts. One of the collaborations we are very proud of has been our sponsoring of World Ocean Day, a global celebration officially recognized by the United Nations, aimed at reaching millions of people worldwide to become more aware, educated and actively engaged in creating a healthier ocean and the waterways that connect to it.”

Contact Bill Mott ( at World Ocean Day and see what is possible for your corporate sustainability business.

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