2024-2025 Youth Advisory Council: Apply now!

Seeking exceptional youth leaders to apply for the 2024-2025 World Ocean Day Youth Advisory Council.

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About the World Ocean Day Youth Advisory Council

The World Ocean Day Youth Advisory Council is a group of 20-25 young people with  diverse backgrounds from countries around the world, who are actively engaged in conservation efforts in their communities. They unite to share their efforts with each other and the world, develop their leadership skills to strengthen their impact, and inspire millions to take action for our blue planet in June and throughout the year. See current and past Council members here.

Formed in 2016, the Council helps develop World Ocean Day into a unique opportunity to connect and unite the world for a healthy ocean, a stable climate, and a more sustainable society. The primary goal is to strengthen youth engagement, collaboration, and leadership for our shared ocean, which covers 71% of our planet and connects us all.  Learn more about the mission and history of World Ocean Day here.

As of June 2024, the Youth Advisory Council Alumni Network is comprised of 148 youth leaders from 61 countries. Don’t see your country represented on the map? Now is a great time to apply!


Apply to Join the Youth Advisory Council if You:

  • …are already committed to protecting our blue planet, with a recognition of the connection between the ocean and climate, and are willing to share your experience, expertise, and ideas with others to encourage more people around the world to engage in actions that will protect and restore the environment;
  • …value collaboration and action as key strategies for making a tangible difference; and
  • …are eager to cultivate and enhance vital advocacy skills such as campaign organizing, event planning, network outreach, setting and following through on action goals, and more!

Council Member Roles & Responsibilities

  • Continue to do the impactful work you are already doing in your community, and take your existing efforts to a deeper level for action
  • Promote and participate in other ocean, climate, and conservation-related events in your community, country, and/or globally whenever possible throughout the year
  • Serve as an ambassador for World Ocean Day throughout the year, helping to spread the word about this unique opportunity to celebrate and take action for our ocean
  • Collaborate with the other Council members and alumni to help make World Ocean Day as impactful as possible, including (but not limited to): planning and hosting events, supporting other Council members in their efforts, developing resources, and implementing any actions that generate more conservation action for our ocean  from youth leaders around the world
  • Provide strategic guidance for the overall focus of World Ocean Day, discuss and share your opinions about various conservation topics, and provide ideas for opportunities that encourage more collective action
  • Participate actively in World Ocean Day publicity campaigns by sharing updates and content with your academic, professional, and personal networks on social media, highlighting your own community efforts through blog posts on the World Ocean Day website, and/or participating in social media takeovers


Time commitment  

  • 1-year term
  • Attend at least 3 of the 4 quarterly video conference/Zoom meetings
  • Completion of 3-4 Advising Surveys throughout the term
  • Consistent digital communication via email/Whatsapp, etc. at least 1-2x per month
  • Virtual Advocacy Training: One hour-long meeting per week, for 4 weeks (In October/November, subject to change)
  • Any additional self-organized/voluntary projects in collaboration with other Council members



  • Must be between ages 16-23 at time of application to be considered
  • Accepting applications from any country in the world
  • Access to internet connection
  • Fluent in English
  • Some previous conservation experience required (advocacy/organizing experience is a bonus!)

How We Will Support You

The Ocean Project catalyzes collective action for a healthy ocean and a stable climate. By collaborating with youth leaders, zoos, aquariums, museums, and other community organizations, we are growing a global network that effectively engages the public, informs policymakers, and strives to protect our blue planet. Our role is to:

  • Provide onboarding and comprehensive advocacy training for all Council members.
  • Spotlight Council members and amplify their voices throughout the year, including through opportunities to write guest blog posts, World Ocean Day social media takeovers, newsletter features, speaking opportunities at national and international conferences, governmental and NGO summits, media and news opportunities, and more.
  • Connect current Council members with members of the Council alumni network for collaboration in specific countries and/or on issues of overlapping interest
  • Help advance Council members by connecting them to opportunities with organizations affiliated with the global World Ocean Day network, including for future possible internships, jobs, and more


Application Process 

  • General application opens 28 June 2024, closes 5 August 2025
  • Applicants chosen to advance to the second round of applications notified mid-August 2024.
    • Please note: If you are invited to apply for the second round, we will require a letter of recommendation from two advisors, teachers, employers, or other non-parent mentors. 
  • New members notified by late September 2024
  • Click here to learn about Youth Advisory Council alumni members
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  • Have questions not answered above? Email The Ocean Project Youth Program Supervisor, Laura Johnson, at Ljohnson@theoceanproject.org.